Introducing Patch 1.3.6

New spells, dynamic environments, in-game events and more.

New Spells Revealed

Cerberus Collars

Disc of Antioch

Disc of Antioch

A disc that bounces more the longer you charge it. Makes for an interesting choice in corridors or to bounce under shields but with more precision than electric fist.

Cerberus Collars

Based on an idea from our community member DanyTangle. Damages a player who leaves a collared tile.

Dynamic Environments

Dangerous hazards arise in the Beyond.
Wielders will no longer just have to focus on the fight ahead, but also the dangers lying in front of their every move.

Aspis Prison

Trespassers will be punished when the rising magma awakens the undead warden.

Temple of Ophidian

Its hidden stone traps have felled many legendary wielders. Beware!

Celestial Halls

Houses a mysterious portal that grants a wielder more energy but also makes them frail.

Dead Master’s Vale

The Master’s mercurial crystal occasionally heals or attacks the nearest wielder.

Ortus Station

Trains carry cargo whose energy can be harnessed to temporarily teleport for free.

Full Patch Notes

New Features

  • Introducing dynamic environments
  • Introducing In-game events
  • Added prompt when playing against a developer


  • Disc of Antioch
  • Cerberus Collars
  • New vfx and sfx for Hail of Death


  • Removed muffled sfx when you’re low on health
  • Improved distinction between colors on the wand mana bar
  • New effect on health pickups when you’re cursed
  • Replaced red/blue screen flashes with less aggressive fade
  • Survival spell selection UI cleanup

Game Balancing

  • Acid Cloud now destroys Twins
  • Summoned spells no longer rotate when imprisoned but they can fire
  • Phoenix costs more mana (35) and does more damage (15-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Tile based spells are now more stable
  • Fixed bug where more than one player could enter a room
  • Fixed bug where match countdown wouldn’t start
  • Starting Survival after pressing continue will reset HP and Mana properly
  • Hulk lightning strike visuals will now display even if they kill you
  • Fixed bug where your opponent’s wand would appear backwards for Android players
  • Fixed bug where if you died when casting Calcite Shield in survival, it wouldn’t disappear

Hardware Specific

  • Gear VR
    Added button to display stats on the fly for gamepad users
  • PC
    When walking outside tile area in survival, the enemies will now target your collider
  • Google Daydream
    Added option to toggle grip between straight (wand) or slightly tilted (pistol)