Announcing new game-mode


Through the portal and into the Beyond rumbles a new power, a challenge against the most powerful creatures yet to be seen. Enter the Oblitus Grounds whilst waiting for your next opponent and pick up the Crystal Wand if you deem yourself ready for the challenge. The Oblitus Grounds acts as your new warm-up and waiting grounds before facing your next opponent.

Your wand holds the power of protection and destruction and you'll have to choose wisely or you will find yourself unable to fight back the spawns of evil. Prove your worth by defeating swarms of enemies and ready yourself for the ultimate challenge... the Arcer or Hulk.

The Arcer holds a fast firing rate and will challenge you in dodging spells through his arcing shots. The highest level of awareness is required to defeat this encounter.

The Hulk alternates between an unbreakable shield and a strong charge of lightning which will leave you defeated if not avoided. Find the right strategy and defeat the biggest challenge outside the leaderboards yet.


The Oblitus Grounds awaits your immediate arrival…