Cortopia and Wands are celebrating Easter and VR.

Immersion in VR has come a long way and we can’t be more excited on where it’s going during this year and the coming years ahead… but how do we celebrate this?

With our very own Ready Wielder One campaign, of course:

In-game Ready Wielder One event:

  • The Ready Wielder One in-game event is a custom Wands tournament.
  • All participants will be rewarded with a special package containing a wand, relic dust and one outfit.
  • The tournament will run from April 12 – April 13st (may differ a bit depending on timezone).
  • In order to participate simply open Wands on your VR headset and play at least one ranked match. This will automatically sign you up for the event!
  • Happy dueling, Wielders.

… spread the word