Cortopia Studios establishes Cortopia Group, adds Zenz VR to the fold

Cortopia Studios establishes Cortopia Group, adds Zenz VR to the fold

Cortopia Studios establishes Cortopia Group, adds Zenz VR to the fold 1920 1080 Cortopia Studios

Stockholm, Sweden (May 24, 2018) – Award-winning VR Studio, Cortopia Studios announced today that they will be bringing successful Indie VR company Zenz VR under the Cortopia Group umbrella, representing a milestone for the newly established entity. Zenz VR brings established IP to the Cortopia Group, as well as a fourth title currently under development.

“Building on the success of our cross-platform VR title WANDS, Cortopia Group is keeping a pulse on the top studios that fit our ambition for excellence in VR,”,  says Cortopia Group CEO, Andreas Skoglund. “Cortopia is an effective team of talented VR creators and have shown that we can develop incredible experiences that capture the hearts and minds of VR enthusiasts. We are thrilled to lend our support to Zenz VR to help them do what they do best, and to expand our studios influence in the industry.”

“Zenz VR is delighted to be joining Cortopia Group,” says Niklas Persson, games industry veteran, founder and CEO of Zenz VR. “The Cortopia team has been very pleasant to work with and I am excited to continue as CEO of Zenz VR in this next exciting chapter for our company.”

Niklas Persson is the co-founder and creator of Codename: Eagle, which later became Electronic Arts’ big success Battlefield.

Cortopia Studios has already seen widespread success with their hugely popular, PvP cross-platform VR title WANDS that brings fast-paced magic duels to players around the world. Zenz VR will join the Cortopia Group, bringing popular VR titles HordeZ, X-Fire VR, and Xion as well as a fourth title in development.

  • HordeZ is one of the most popular VR zombie shooter games in the world and has been featured in multiple VR Arcades globally. Currently available to download on SteamOculus Rift, and Vive and for commercial licensing.
  • X-Fire VR is an action title set in the year 2059, featuring gameplay for an epic battle between Humans and Alien forces. Randomized levels ensure high replayability. Currently in early access on steam.
  • Xion revives the arcade and shoot’em-ups of the 90’s with a unique rogue style and destructible voxel landscape setting, now featuring the ability to upgrade your ship. Currently in early access on steam and will also very soon be available for Oculus Rift.


About Cortopia Studios:

Built by the original team behind WANDS, award-winning Cortopia Studios is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is led by CEO Andreas Skoglund who joined the company earlier in 2017 after previously having worked at DICE and Electronic Arts as a producer on the Battlefield and Battlefront franchises. The studios hero title, WANDS is a key focus – but the studio has also hinted at ambitious plans to use the company’s unique position to drive innovation for VR, AR and MR technologies. The Cortopia Group was created to further expand VR and AR allowing successful studios to focus on what they do best; create games.



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