What’s Next In Wands?

What’s Next In Wands?

What’s Next In Wands? 2500 1300 Cortopia Studios

Releasing Wands was an exhilarating experience, but we knew the journey didn’t end there – we were just getting started! As we at Cortopia are working hard on making Wands everything it can and needs to be, we have quite some grand plans to share with you. With your invaluable feedback, the game has seen some major improvements over the last 15 months and now we’re ready to share what we are working on for the future!


You shouted and we listened! We are playing around with a new game mode: Survival, so you’ll always have someone (or something) to battle. If you ever again find yourself in the queue, waiting for your next opponent to enter, you’ll have the option to enter Survival Mode. Several different kinds of enemies will spawn during your wait. How long can you survive?

Wardrobe & Vanity Overhaul

The Wardrobe in Wands has been on our list of things to improve. It has taken much consideration, but we’re excited to finally share that a complete overhaul is in the works. We’re extending your visual experience by adding a new Wardrobe room. It’ll be more immersive, and with focus on visual distinctiveness. By doing so, we’ve also had to do a total revamp of the mechanics and presentation of vanity items in Wands. We’re also improving the quality and distinctiveness of items to make sure you really stand out when you are facing your opponent. And to top it all off, there will be more frequent updates, and new items will be added to the game on a consistent basis. Get ready to experience your Wielder and customisation like never before!

Why are we doing all of this?

The VR experience is one of the most unique one can get in gaming. Your usual game will last between 2-10 hours and once complete you’ll move on to your next experience. Whilst this way of gaming is definitely fun and something everyone can enjoy, we want Wands to be different. Some Wands players have been enjoying the game for over a year, and we think the above changes will allow even more players to do the same. We want Wands to set itself apart with features that provide replay value, such as seasonal leaderboards, content updates, and frequent balancing patches. In order for this to happen, the Cortopia team must work around the clock to keep the game fresh. We believe that if someone cares enough to write a review or provide feedback, we should pay attention. Your feedback has been incredibly important, and we’ve taken it to heart. We’ll be implementing the above changes and improvements (plus a few more) over the next six months, and we can’t wait for you to experience them yourselves!

– Cortopia