Spacefolk City Reveal

Spacefolk City Reveal

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We are so happy to announce that Moon Mode, our sister studio revealed Spacefolk City

Spacefolk City is a new city simulator game for virtual reality, with a humorous, quirky and eccentric vibe.
It is an approachable take on the city-building genre. Players can construct a floating city in free space, and enjoy the tactile sensation of hand-placing buildings at any orientation to create unusual and unique layouts thanks to virtual reality. 

There is very few casual, accessible city simThe Spacefolk inhabits a solar system where the sun is close to going supernova. Solar flares and other dangerous solar activity have resulted in the destruction of Spacefolk settlements around the system, leaving many Spacefolk without a home. Wandering Spacefolk arrives in the player’s new settlement and the player must help them build a new city and eventually construct a solution to allow everyone to escape the solar system.

Spacefolk all have an Energy attribute, which decreases as they work for you, and is replenished at their homes. They also have an Interest, which is indicated by their head type. When you build them Facilities that match their Interest, you charge up their Interest attribute, which gives each species a special ability (such as walking fast, building fast, carrying more, etc.)

The city’s inhabitants each have their own interests and abilities which influence the player’s strategy and creates a fun challenge in organizing the city’s layout effectively. Cities can be decorated with a range of different absurd objects and items.

Coming soon on Oculus Quest, Rift and Steam VR.